Bespoke Shirts

To fully customize the selected apparel for each of our clients, Heraldi for Men & Women store offers an in-house tailor service. Mr. Ivo Vrbanić, a master tailor with over 35 years of experience and one of the leading tailors in Croatia, is available to meticulously adjust the chosen outfit to meet all specific requests. 

Elevate your corporate wardrobe with elegant business suits, striking ties, and impeccably comfortable shoes! Utilize the Heraldi for Men & Women tailoring studio to shine at your next event or to find the perfect gift for corporate gifting, weddings, or other special occasions. The extensive selection offered by Heraldi for Men & Women, featuring a range of brands, ensures that every client can step into the world of high fashion.


Aesthetic perfection, modern style, meticulous attention to detail, and the use of superior materials are the hallmarks of Canali products and services.

Through a personalized fitting and styling process, available exclusively at the Heraldi for Men store twice a year, customers are guided by Italian master tailors.

Customers can choose from over 200 premium materials for suits and more than 150 materials for shirts. The production of highly exclusive Canali garments, where precision in tailoring, the use of the finest materials, and superb handcraftsmanship are evident in every detail, takes up to six weeks. This exclusive fashion ensures an impeccable appearance for all occasions, whether you want to refresh your corporate wardrobe, shine at a wedding, or find the perfect gift. Canali's offerings cater to corporate gifting, which always demands special attention, as well as other significant occasions.

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Bespoke Shirts – Perfection in 4 Weeks!

Express your personal style with Ingram bespoke shirts tailored to your measurements!

Van Laack and Eton are global leaders in bespoke shirt tailoring. Visit Heraldi and entrust yourself to our experienced tailor, who will take your measurements and deliver your custom shirt within 4 weeks.

In addition to seasonal collections, Heraldi for Men also offers bespoke shirt tailoring services by Van Laack and Eton. The "Made to Measure" service provides a selection of diverse models, over 200 types of fabrics, 9 collar styles, personalized cuffs, and the option to engrave initials, showcasing your personality and style.

Schedule an appointment at Tel Tel: +385 1 7777 890 or heraldi@heraldi.hr



In situations where you are unsure about the gift, the Heraldi for Men & Women gift card can be perfectly tailored to your preferences, both visually and in value.

A gift card can be an excellent choice, offering the recipient the freedom to select any clothing item from our extensive range. Leading global brands in our collection stand out with their diverse yet unique designs, ensuring that everyone can find something that suits their style and preferences.

With a gift card, our wide selection offers numerous outfit combinations, whether for those who maintain a corporate dress code or for the most important day of one's life, a wedding. The gift card can also be used for the services of a personal tailor, who will create bespoke clothing that is unique and tailored to the personal desires of each client.

A gift card can be given to:

1.Business partners
3.On special occasions, whether business or private


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To ensure your employees represent your company with style and at the expected level, one of the first and most important factors of success is impression. While clothes don't make the man, they do enhance the appearance. Make your management, sales team, and employee’s true reflections of your company. Heraldi for Men & Women allows you to dress your employees in a uniform look, or let us handle each employee's outfit according to agreed guidelines. Exclusive outfit combinations will bring a touch of high fashion to your company, while our bespoke tailoring services are ideal for corporate gifting.

Ensure that your employees' business suits, shoes, and ties convey a sense of professionalism and represent your company in the best light. For your personal and corporate style, the expert staff at Heraldi for Men & Women will gladly assist you with advice based on years of experience, regular training seminars, and guidance from our principals.


You may often find the need to thank long-term business partners or attract new ones. Heraldi for Men & Women store offers the perfect corporate outfit from a selection of top-quality business suits and the finest shoes. With the unique service of a tailor who will create bespoke clothing for each individual, Heraldi for Men will bring freshness and style to your corporate attire. By choosing gifts from our collection, you will delight every business associate!

Find suitable gifts from the Heraldi for Men & Women brand selection, including:

  • Wallets
  • Belts
  • Bags
  • Ties
  • Scarves
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