Jil Sander


Jil Sander
fall/winter 2018 collection

The thinking behind this season’s collection focused on the future and how necessary it is to maintain a level of humanity.

The feeling of comfort: the clothes were made to make the wearer feel good, feel safe, feel protected. Hard lines are softened, hemlines are undulating and often asymmetrical, inner layers and linings add warmth. Traditional tailoring silhouettes are inated and softened through down lls, padding, or 3-dimensional jacquards. Traditional corsetry and shirting details are used, while knitted leggings and socks give a sense of youth and memory. Fabrication, and contrasts of fabrics, create a modern and soft balance. Sharp, compact wool suiting is paired with knit details while felted wools are balanced with translucent nylon cloud knits in vibrant colors. Accessories are soft and tactile. Sharp silhouettes in shoes and handbags are softened with padded leathers, nylons, and velvets.


Jil Sander

Jil Sander is a fashion house founded by Jil Sander in 1968. Its minimalist trademarks include striking silhouettes, high-end fabrics, and meticulous detail, emphasizing quality over flash. In the years after 1978 she revolutionized the industry by marketing her first perfume with a campaign that prominently featured her own face. Her trademark look, a somewhat New Look for women conquering executive positions in the 1980s, was that of a perfectly cut pantsuit, a form-fitting simple but elegant coat or a slim blouse made of the most luxurious materials in plain grey, black, blue or white leaving out any unnecessary details, extravagant ornaments or loud colors.