We discovered the secret where our bronze pitcher Stipe Žunić chooses suit!

Stipe entrusted us how he finally solved the problem of choosing a suit that he bought for the last time in America where he was studying and where there are always available clothing items of all sizes, as well as for athletes like him.

How to choose and what makes a perfect suit, our bronze pitcher Stipe Žunić revealed in the Heraldi by trying the Canali Collection of Male Suits with their SU MISURA experts at their disposal.

SU MISURA service brings esthetic perfection and modern style. Clothing items are  tailor-made, such as suits, jackets, pants and shirts, providing the perfect shape and the ultimate elegance. In its rich offer Heraldi offers the exclusive service of custom-made men’s suits with its professional staff. Fine tailoring Canali allow you to choose from more than 500 quality materials, many of which are produced exclusively for the Canali, including the 200 finest fabrics. Top quality materials and educated Italian sketching masters, through a personalized styling and fitting process, ensure a unique service and top quality clothing tailored to your needs.


The end result is the Canals SU MISURA clothing that will perfectly follow the line of your body and glamor the authentic Made in Italy feeling for elegance.


Stipe Žunić won 3rd place in the ball throwing, the bronze with a score of 21.46 m at the World Athletics Championship held from 5 to 13 August 2017 in London Exclusively for you on 6th and 7th of May from 9 am to 9 pm at Heraldi Store, Frankopanska 6 are available for you Canali SU MISURA experts to create tailor made clothing that our bronze athlete Stipe Žunić has decided for.