Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham
spring/summer 2018 collection

Soft, strong, honest, easy – this collection reflects the many powers of femininity.

The clothes use traditionally feminine elements – fabrics and colours – but in a fresh and unexpected way, making them feel modern and desirable. The palette of colours consists of shades of lilac, pink, pistachio, pale blue and a whole spectrum of white, from optic white through ivory to a creamy vanilla, contrasted with black for evening. Lightness of colour is matched in the fabrics – georgettes and chiffons, featherweight cottons, wool voiles. Sheer is made wearable, used as a tool for dressing. Fabrics are layered to create the impression of transparency over and under opaque contrasts. Silhouettes are eased, to give these delicate fabrics a new substance. They reflect workwear influences, with wide trousers, generous tailoring and pleated skirts – but drapes, gathers and deconstructed flounces pull it back to the feminine.


Victoria Beckham

Since launching the Victoria Beckham fashion brand has developed a distinctive and modern language of clothing. With each collection Victoria adapts her own personal style to the needs and desires of the international women who swear by the label’s luxurious and flattering garments. Showcasing only the finest craftsmanship, fabrication and materials, all four Victoria Beckham lines are developed at Victoria’s studio in London. The Victoria Beckham Ready-to-Wear collection is primarily made in the UK, whilst the Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection is predominantly produced in Europe.