spring/summer 2018 collection

The new JOOP! collection has consequently been designed for the variety of events in the life of the JOOP! man, enabling him to feel great in his second skin on all occasions and express his individual personality.

The design focus of the new JOOP! Spring/Summer 2018 collection has been placed on today’s JOOP! man and his very diverse requirements. Appearance and silhouette are in the center. The collection stands out with relaxed models ideal for spring and summer days. Soft processing with a high comfort factor and exciting detailed solutions breaks the classic look while delivering a sporty and elegant look. Jackets and coats also surprise you with comfortable wearing comfort, focusing on the usual high level of use of decent details.



JOOP! has grown from famous German brand to one of the most popular and recognized international lifestyle brands. Besides its modern design and urban style, JOOP! collections are a synonym for top quality, timeless design and value for invested money. Precise cuts, play with intensity of colours and subtle hues are the recognizable signature of JOOP! brand.