Herno Autumn-Winter 2017 collection

In the collection the new down jackets bond together in different materials: made in nylon Chamonix,
strong and opaque, the ¾ jacket and the shirt jacket have shoulders, sleeves details made in diagonal
wool. In the bomber styles, long and short, the mat nylon is matched with wool, available also in bouclé
with neoprene. In the styles that use Polar-Tech technology, with feather bags, we find: the sportive blazer with
detachable bib and hood, which is made in jersey effect fabric, while the bomber styles are made in
technic wool with a denim look. Evolution also in patterned down jacket, made with jacquard manufactory – the nylon is weaved on framework, creating the effect typical of wool and silk. No more prints, but artisanal manufactory: from the herringbone camouflage to the micro check with marbled-effect for the blazer, the jackets and the bomber. Unfailing the flannel with British taste, this time in patterned materials the blazer with bib and the
adaptable vest. All the items have Herno In-Tech technology, a special technical padding with the
same performance of goose down but moreover water repellent and eco-friendly. Luxury expression, but with a sportive taste, for the hydro-repellent cashmere-silk. The styles are: the
bomber with knit elastic bounds and the car coat with detachable beaver fur neck.



Herno was founded in 1948 in Lesa, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, by Giuseppe Marenzi and his wife Alessandra Diana. It was just after the war and Giuseppe, having lost his job after years of working for Siai-Marchetti, which produced aeroplanes during World War II, sought a new job with a company that manufactured raincoats. The climate around Lake Maggiore is extremely humid and rainy, so well made raincoats are in demand. Herno was thus founded on the basis of opportunity, intuition and inventiveness. Its story starts with water; water from Lake Maggiore and the river Erno, which runs close to the company and gives it its name. It is a company that is still firmly connected to its roots.