spring/summer 2018 collection

The new Herno collection for the spring season 2018 is highlighted by classic and timeless models of jacket and coat with Herno In tech filling ideal for the first spring cold temperatures. Functional and eclectic styles are made of cotton with polyurethane film, while the palette of colors comes to strong red, blue, black and yellow shades. And in the new season the brand has remained faithful to glittering metallic and matte nylon while using details such as a round collar, adjustable hoods and a new top design sleeveless jacket that perfectly rounds off the springtime Herno story.



Herno was founded in 1948 in Lesa, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, by Giuseppe Marenzi and his wife Alessandra Diana. It was just after the war and Giuseppe, having lost his job after years of working for Siai-Marchetti, which produced aeroplanes during World War II, sought a new job with a company that manufactured raincoats. The climate around Lake Maggiore is extremely humid and rainy, so well made raincoats are in demand. Herno was thus founded on the basis of opportunity, intuition and inventiveness. Its story starts with water; water from Lake Maggiore and the river Erno, which runs close to the company and gives it its name. It is a company that is still firmly connected to its roots.